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Safety Information

We Put Safety at the Top of The List

UltraMIST® ultrasound healing therapy has been cleared by the FDA and used on thousands of patients for more than a decade.

Indications for Use

UltraMIST may be used on all types of wounds (chronic, acute and/or surgical) to promote wound healing; may be used by itself or in conjunction with other wound therapies and/or procedures.

Important Risk Information

Do not use near electronic implants/prosthesis; on the lower back during pregnancy or over the pregnant uterus; over areas of malignancies. Tingling and redness may occur. Do not allow the treatment wand or applicator to contact the patient’s skin directly. Please refer to the Instructions for Use for additional information.

For product information, product complaints, or adverse reaction reporting, call 1-844-963-2273.

Please refer to the UltraMIST Package Insert for complete product information.

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